Slots Games

Whether online or in casinos, players can choose from a vast variety of different slot games. Each slot boasts different themes, appearances, rules, betting options and payout schemes.

Classic Mechanical Slot Machines

These are also known as reel slots and have three reels with different symbols on them, often different kinds of fruit. They have an attached lever, which when pulled, sets the reels in motion until they stop spinning and land on a combination of symbols. This type of slot machine relies entirely on chance with variable odds and payout.

Video Slots

This kind of slot is a bit more advanced and usually has between three and five reels so they can produce more potential combinations. Because of the greater number of possible combinations, the maximum payout is larger. The reels are shown on a video screen, rather than on an actual machine, and the gaming software simulates the spinning of the reels. Each spin offers the same odds of winning and is in no way affected by the previous spin, as is the case in mechanical slot machines. With video slots, players can often win bonus games and play nine or more pay lines.

Penny Slots

Penny slots are essentially video slots, that can be played with pennies. They work in the same way as other video slots and often have bonus features such as a multiplier and free spins, that can make the jackpot grow quite quickly. Although with penny slots, a penny counts for one credit, most machines require multiple credits to play, so players have to be careful not to spend more than they intended.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are some of the most profitable kinds of slots and are therefore very popular. Progressive jackpots are accumulated by multiple player gaming. They grow with each game until someone wins it. There are many variations of progressive slot games:

  • Stand-alone progressive slots offer the lowest progressive jackpot and don’t connect to other machines
  • In-house progressive slots consist of a group of slots which belong to the same owner. They are more profitable than stand-alone slots
  • Wide-area progressive slots are linked together but not usually owned by the same operator